Albanian is an Indo-European language, but it has no closely related languages. There are two main dialects in Albania: the northern Albanian geg and the southern Albanian tuscany.

The Albanian language is about the same size as the Finnish language. Albania can be heard spoken in several countries, as most Albanians now live outside of Albania. The majority of language speakers live in the Balkans, e.g. Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Albanian language looks strange when written. Even more bizarre it sounds spoken. At the bottom of the page you will find video links where you can hear the correct pronunciation.

Writing the letter Ë on a Mac required Google, but the answer, through a few attempts and mistakes, was found and the effort was rewarded. Now you don’t have to copy the finished character 🙂 One way to type ë: Change the keyboard to English and press and hold e. Select the correct character from the drop-down menu to see the score above the letter.

Numbers in Albanian

0 zero

1 njё

2 dy

3 tre

4 cat

5 pesё

6 gjashtё

7 shtatё

8 tetё

9 nёntё

10 dhjetё

11 njёmbёdhjetё

12 dymbёdhjetё

Albanian phrases

Po = Yes

Jo = No.

Mirësevini = Welcome!

Përshëndetje = Hey!

Si yen = How are you?

Mirupafshim = Goodbye!

Faremnderit! = Thank you!

Unë quhem … = My name is ..

Flishni englisht? = Do you speak English?

Nuk flas shqip! = I’m not talking about Albania.

Here’s a link to a fun online course .