Llogara National Park

Llogara National Park was established in 1966 to protect important ecosystems. It is located in south-eastern Albania and covers an area of just over 10 square kilometres.

The highest peaks of the Ceraunia mountain are Maja e Çikës (2045 m) and Maja e Qorres (2018 m).

Nature in the park is very varied and unique. The landscape changes from forests to alpine meadows and steep cliffs. The majestic mountain ranges descend to the eye-catching Ionian Sea.

In the Llogara Pass, there is a road that runs through the mountains at altitudes of over 1000 metres. The pass has a magnificent lookout point with panoramic views of the sea and the mountain scenery.

Driving the above scenic road is the easiest way to experience the breathtaking mountain atmosphere, but hiking the trail is an even more unforgettable experience.

The hiking trail starts near the guide centre of the Llogara National Park. The photos below are from along the route, where we met, among other things, a local host carrying firewood on a mule with his scary dog. In the jungle-like forests, you can think of even bigger predators than the wood cat, which is one of the most abundant animals in the area.